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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hallway Table Revamp

Ok so i mentioned in this post that we had bought a hall table from a recent furniture auction...... well we have finally finished the revamp!!

we debated whether or not to get a hall table for a while... although the entry is a nice open space, it is the first thing you see when arriving at our pad and i sorta felt like it was just a corridor when it could be a nice room of its own....

After doing a bit of research I found most hall tables come in the right depth but are usually anywhere from 1.1m to 1.6m long and finding one that was a good 2m long would mean parting with about $2,000 (i know lots of $$$ but they were so pretty!!)

we managed to find this table at a furniture auction and loved it for its turned legs, its nice long length (2m) and cause it was made from some beautiful hard wood, it would go perfect in our entry! now i am not a big fan of the colour myself while it is a nice rich colour it just wasnt what i was hoping for in the entry 
scuse the messiness......

first things first we stripped both the top of the table and the shelf back to their raw state. I really wanted this table to be in an off white but i wanted the top and the shelf to be back to the raw wood with some wax on it.

The stain came off pretty easily, and wasn't as messy as I thought it would be. We (allan) sanded and sanded and sanded the top and the shelf to get the remaining stain out.

once all this was done, i removed the old yucky handles, filled in the holes with some builders bog and sanded it back ready for painting. we gave the rest of the table a rough, quick sand and taped up the raw top & shelf.

next we gave her a coat of primer using our spray gun - i am impatient and a bit of a perfectionist so painting with a paint brush is not really a good thing for me, spraying is much better!! although noisy with the compressor it gives it a much better finish.....

1 coat of primer underneath and then a coat with the table standing upright only took about 30 mins but the compressor can get pretty loud and annoying after a while so you don't want to be going for tooo long.

after applying a 2nd coat, we then sprayed a coat of flat black over the table so that once the final coats were on, i would be able to distress the table and have some of the black showing through.

jump forward another couple of weekends (couldn't decide on which colour would be my final top coat..) we picked up a pot of colour from bunnings in what looked like a whitish grey colour but pretty much just looked white once sprayed...

over the next 2 weekends we did 2 coats of the final colour and couldn't wait to rip off the tape & sheeting covering the top to see how it looked....

i then took to the table with my sanding block to distress it a bit - i can tell you this is a little scary at first so I tried a few on the back to get the hang of it but didn't like the way it was turing out (pretty much like someone has just kicked the table with black shoes on....) so i changed my technique and mainly did the edges.

we still have to buy some handles for the drawers and pop them on, but here is how she looks today :-)

so what to decroate the table with......  am yet to add a lamp, a pretty clock, a mail tray and a few other bits and pieces but i don't want to clutter it up... am a bit stuck for what to put on the bottom shelf..... any ideas??

am also thinking about buying some nice hooks and screwing them into the side of the table to hang all of our keyrings

ooh plus a new rug to go on the floor and a nice big mirror to go above the table....

update on the footstool - it's coming!! just finishing the legs and making sure it won't collapse when we sit on it!!

happy long weekend :)

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  1. love the way this turned out, beautiful, id love to feature it on my next revival Monday, if this is ok let me know.

  2. Hi, there! This turned out lovely. Btw, I'm admiring all the creativity here in your blog. May I invite you to join my Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop? Hope to see you there at the party :)

  3. thanks Lauren & SJ!!

    i am the latest folllower on both your blogs!! so much inspiration :-)

    lauren, have just sent you a quick email, we would love to be a feature on revival monday!! how exciting!!

    SJ, i found the party & am linking up and checking out the other great projects!!


  4. Love it.

    Found you via MMS and hope you’ll swing by! I have a great giveaway today:


    best to you.


  5. thanks michelle! have swung by and am your latest follower :-)

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