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Friday, September 9, 2011

A Painted Gate

You might remember from this post that we had bought a DIY gate kit, put it together, installed it and couldn't decide on how to finish it??

well we went with the paint.... monument, the same as our gutters

now we are just deciding whether or not we will paint the retaining wall in the same colour?? with the fences and once the decking is done we will have so much wood i thought it might be nice to paint the retaining wall in a solid colour, monument, any thoughts??

now that we are locked up and secure we might even be able to get a little puppy :)


  1. Lovely gate, nice colour. We've got a lot of retaining walls too so I know what you mean about breaking up all the wood colour.

    I reckon finish your deck first and see what you think then. Have you got grass in the backyard yet?

    PS What type of puppy are you thinking? My hubby is very keen on getting a puppy too. We love Ridgebacks / Labs / Boxers...

  2. Looks great! I am currently awaiting the completion if my timber gates and will be heading down the painting road soon too :)

  3. good idea Karla! we are also paving a large area off the alfresco deck so that will break the wood up aswell..... i am just finding on some of the wood i am not liking how it is ageing and it might look nicer painted.... hard decisions huh :)

    grass has been down for a while now thankfully :) & we have just put a top dressing down to level it out... are you ready for grass out the back now?

    thanks Shayne, it is great once ur gates r up and your yard is secure!! what colour will you be painting your gates?

  4. Can a gate be sexy? Cuz that one totally is....

  5. ha ha!! thanks rebecca, i definately think a gate can be sexy!! im with you on that one :-)

  6. After painted it, it looks much better than before. But both these pics must be captured from different directions.
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  7. thanks Reyne! yes one picture is from the front of the gate and the other picture is from the back of the gate :-)


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