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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Landscaping Update

Well my posts have been getting very few and far between lately but have got a couple of updates to post so will kick off today with a landscaping update!

Since we put some green green grass down we have planted a few plants - viburnum down the alley way & shiraz azaleas along the driveway

All the watering system is now finished out the front with the sprinklers for the lawn & drippers for the plants, now we just set & forget.....
well almost anyways, a few teething issues but everything seems to be working ok now....
We have put some river pebbles down the garage side of the house & also along the alleyway between the pillars & the house....

And then we added some lap and cap fencing between the pillars & a side gate on the garage - a few red & sore thumbs after this!!

Am thinking we might paint this fence..... I kind of like the idea of painting the pillars a little darker and then either painting the fence a shade lighter of even a nice dark stain.... as for the side gate we have both some merbau stain & some monument paint in the garage ready for this to be coloured just have play eenie meenie minney mo over which one!

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