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Monday, March 21, 2011


Well it wasn't hot but it sure was wet!! After a few stops during heavy rain the grass was down by mid afternoon on Saturday and we sat back and let nature do its work... we couldn't possibly have given the grass as much water as it has gotten in the last couple of days so it made our jobs a lot easier.

We have been telling ourselves that once the grass is down out the front we can slow down a bit and actually get our weekends & down time back a bit. But now that the grass is down I can't stop thinking about the plants in the front and what we should do..... and I would really like to plant something now.... impatient?? me?? never....

I really like the little gem magnolias and was hoping to plant them down the driveway on the right hand side, we are also tossing up between a murraya hedge or a gardenia hedge along the alleyway just so that people don't cut across the grass out the front.

Any suggestions??


  1. Looking great guys. Grass makes all the difference, doesn't it ?
    And how b****y lucky not to need watering over the weekend with all the rain !

  2. thanks Southies!! grass definately makes a difference, so much nicer to come home to!!

    The rain was absolutely perfect!!

    am just catching up on your blog not sure why I haven't been getting the updates but have resubscribed again so I don't miss out :) the frangipani tree is gorgeous!!

  3. Sorry,nothing much to catch up on........nothing left on the house to do & the garden will be a lonnnnnng process, as we're doing it all ourselves *rolls eyes* lol

  4. Your home looks gorgeous. How fantastic to see your dream come true. Good on you both for undertaking such an amazing project:) Thank you so much for visiting my blog I really appreciate the feedback. Best wishes Karen

  5. i know what you mean about the long process southies, seems like it is never ending!!

    great that the house is all done though :) I haven't really started inside yet (sigh) ......

  6. Thankyou Karen!! Am still drooling over your macarons!!

  7. After fixed those all grass its looking amazing. Your home is now looking greener.
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