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Thursday, March 17, 2011


A bit more progress this week, we are now ready for grass out the front!!

We have now installed the sprinklers in the front yard and put the underlay down. The garden edging out the front is now complete including the street trees and we are ready for some green wohoo!!

This week we found some big BRIGHT PINK X's on our front yard and found out that these are the markings for street trees the council are planting. Although they had marked it out about in the middle between they alleyway and our letterbox after they came back the second time they had moved the X to in the middle of where we had paved for our street plant so it worked out perfectly.. they haven't marked the other side of driveway though so looks like we will need to get another tree to plant in there. The plant the council has chosen is a weeping lilly pilly, I am a bit on the fence with this tree but it definately could have been worse!! I can't seem to find a decent picture of one to post but they will be planted in the next few days so will post once they go in.

We were due to have our 3 month maintenance inspection tomorrow but there had been a bit of a mix up & a double booking so we will have to reschedule for another time. At least we still get a long weekend out of it! lots to get done this weekend.

So the grass is ordered and due for delivery on saturday, not sure what the weather forecast is but lets hope its not a hot one...

Garden Beds are done

Underlay is down

More garden beds

Sprinklers are in

X marks the spot for our street tree

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