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Monday, August 8, 2011

Lounge Room Update

This back lounge room is where we spend most of our time. It is right on the alfresco area which with the sliding doors meant a bit of hair pulling trying to find the perfect sized lounge to fit in there and stil have enough seating so guests could sit rather than stand when they came to say helloo! we could have put the tv on a different wall and changed the configuration but then we wouldn't be able to watch it from outside!

So what did we end up with
we ended up with a modular, the arm does come out along the alfresco sliding door but this has a seat on it so makes it all worthwhile & think once the alfresco area is done it will look a lot better.

The cushions on the lounge are just ones whipped up by me so that we had some cushioning there!! Hoping to pick up a few more cushions in brighter colours to lift the room a little......

The lamp came from a recent LaMaison clearance auction. After waiting all day in a cold warehouse watching what the items were going for I snagged this gorgeous floor lamp & a hall table for the front entry that we are currently revamping...... more to come on the hall table

The rug came from The Natural Floor Covering Company it is a really nice background rug that fills the space but doesn't dominate it, this is probably a better shot of the colour...
Still searching away for the perfect coffee table to go here. I really love the hudson coffee table found @ Interiors Online the style of it is perfect for our room as any solid coffee table will just look out of place - but this one is just that little bit too long for our space....

what else have we been up to?? well we have been busy the last few weekends trying to finish the hall table and a new bedhead for our bedroom, putting up gates & getting the back fence put up FINALLY!!! so we are slowly getting there, it is all starting to come together :)...


  1. April, I love the room, it looks so nice. The lounge is fab! And I really like your tv unit as well. It's a bit of a tricky room to furnish isn't it? We already had a lounge that we had to use and it fits the space well but is a bit off centre and just looks a bit 'off'. Can't wait to buy a similar modular like yours.

  2. thanks Karla!! so glad i am not the only one who found this room hard to furnish!!

    i struggled for a while and kept putting it off but once i decided on the modular it was just a matter on finding one in the right lengths.... it came from oz design and was one of their floor stock models that they were selling off so we nabbed it for a bargain!!

    your home is looking fantastic!! you guys are getting so much done, well done!

  3. Hi April and Allan. Your Lounge room is looking awesome. All the things and furnitures arranged well. Hope you managed it forever.
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