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Monday, September 19, 2011

DIY Bedhead - What Did It Cost??

I have had a few requests for what this bedhead cost to make.  Well i probably should have put this in my original post now shouldn't i!!

Let me start by saying that while this project wasn't a bargain basement DIY it was definately A LOT cheaper than buying a ready made one.

Our bed is king size and we were after a bedhead that is 1.8m wide so the quotes that I got to have one of these made in a nice fabric with the deep buttoning were around the $1,250 mark and once you added in a footstool with the matching deep buttoning the quotes came in around $2,400 including delivery & GST.
Originally i thought that we would just wait until we had saved the money and take the plunge and order it, but after spending lots of money on our landscaping, plants, grass, new lounge and interior bits and pieces it seemed a bit much too spend on the bed.

So here are my costs to date for the bedhead (some costs include enough materials for the footstool but will break it down where i can)

Upholstery Material (Spotlight)             $60 (3m) probably get away with 2m
Buttons Covered by Upholsterer           $25 (50 buttons)
MDF board (Bunnings) pre cut             $40  (includes precut board for footstool)
Foam (Clark Rubber)                           $90 (2 inch pre cut)
Batting (Clark Rubber) 2 layers             $40 (2m each layer - includes footstool)
Curtain Cording (Spotlight) - $0.39/m   $8 (20m)
Steel Legs (OneSteel)                           $40

so all up the cost for our bedhead was $303 but this also covers some of the materials for our footstool which we have started this weekend!!

want some cheaper options?
  • grab some fabric on sale that is not upholstery material or why not buy a curtain that is on sale in a nice fabric?? these will usually be long enough...
  • pick up off cuts of foam & piece them together on the MDF board
  • grab some linen or cotton fabric instead of upholstery fabric and you might be able to cover your own buttons
  • buy a cheap quilt from target, big w, woolies, coles or reject shop and use that as your batting
  • fix it to the wall instead of on legs like we did
  • make a plain bedhead rather than with the deep buttoning
so there you go, hope this helps those you are wanting to give this DIY a go, am happy to answer any other questions so just leave me a comment

would love to hear (and see some pics) if you have made your own bedhead!!

keep an eye out for our DIY footstool/ottoman and also our revamped hall table which are coming soon :-)

hope you had a great weekend


  1. Aha!!! Was just going to ask when the footstool was happening - will be waiting for that one too!
    Again, great job guys !

  2. thanks southies!! the footstool is in progress but is proving a little harder than the bedhead!!

    should be finished over the weekend ready for a post next week :-)

  3. April, thanks for coming to the party. Your blog is so addicting to browse upon :)

  4. Hi there, newest follower here.. Hi ;) I love love love your hall stand and bed head you have done such lovely work, We are renovating at my place at the moment so everything is a complete mess but when i have a pretty room again i have plans to make my own headboard for our bed, i scored a fatastic old wrought iron screen from the tip, i am going to frame it and paint it, in my head it looks fantastic so i hope it works! keep up the blogging

  5. hi there Bridgette, thanks for the love!! good luck with your headboard it sounds gorgeous, such a great idea :-) am loving your blog!! your newest follower = me :-)


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