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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow.....

since my last landscaping update we have seen a bit of growth on the plants through winter which can only mean great things for growth through spring and summer!!

the viburnums have come along really well through the winter months and makes the savings on buying small $2 plants even better! they have pretty much caught up to $10 plants in just one season..

the azaleas are really starting to bush up now but they haven't flowered yet, the variety we bought flower late in the season so we are expecting to see some nice red flowers soon....

we have also put some large magnolias in the raised garden bed out the back..... to buy these in a decent size can be pretty pricey but we managed to pick up some that had been left in a pot way too long and were looking a little worse for wear. we have dosed them up with plenty of fertiliser and water and hoping to see some new growth soon!! fingers crossed they take off....

in the front of the garden bed we are currently planting some miniature japanese buxus hedges which are very slooooow growing but make the garden bed look instantly better!!  i tell you though 60 plants later can be quite pricey.....  photos to come

we are thinking about these for mass planting in the rest of the bed....
they are called 'ivory prince' arent they pretty

we are also in the middle of planting the garden beds along the back fence with a mixture of ballerina apples and pittosporum green pillar...  photos to come

and hopefully by my next post I will have a washing line up!! wohoo! let me tell you I am so looking forward to hanging our clothes outside rather than in the lounge room.....




  1. Looking great guys!
    Adore the hellebore - gorgeous variety. Ours are growing 'gangbusters'. If you plant them now, you should see flowers next winter.

  2. thanks Southies, i love the hellebore's too, fingers crossed they do well like yours are!!

    we are hoping to get them in soon, not sure if the budget will play nice though!!

  3. Where will you be sourcing yours ?
    I got mine online from Post Office Farm Nursery. Happy with the price.

  4. your the BEST southies!! just logging on now to check them out, will let you know how we go...

    got some pittosporum green pillar via mail order which looked pretty ordinary & turned me off a little so good to get a recommendation :-)

  5. All my plants have been bought online, A.
    Another great place that I've used on several occasions is Fernview Nurseries(Vic). My murrayas came from them & cost a fraction of the price of Flower Power.

  6. Your garden and each plant were grown wonderfully. I think great care from you would be responsible for it.
    vob editor

  7. thanks reyne for all of your lovely comments!


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