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Monday, October 31, 2011

A Splash of Colour

 its funny how just a little bit of colour can make a big difference to the feel of a room

we added a couple of these orange pillows to the back lounge room and instantly the room feels nicer, brighter and a little warmer

 we are working on a few projects (and finishing none!!) like building vegetable gardens, refurbing an old window shutter and planting up our raised garden bed but right now i am working on a project using these
love our kitchen stools but they can get pretty uncomfortable on your toosh so i am gonna turn these placemats into cushions......  stay tuned for an update
wow the weekends are going fast now aren't they..... another one gone but not much accomplished really.....

I had hoped to get the footstool for our bedroom all wrapped up but here we are Monday again and it is still sitting in our bedroom almost finished (sigh) maybe that's the problem, maybe i should move it out to the lounge room so that it is in the way and will make me want to get it done!!

and just to prove i am working on the footstool here is a little sneaky peek, the edging is proving to be a lot harder to get right on this one cause we have used much thicker foam...... sorry for the poor photo
hope you had a great weekend



  1. Love the pop of orange! And the foot stool is already looking amazing. Well done on everything :)

  2. Wonderful room. Your mom is looking awesome. Every thing been arranged very well. Color combinations are great.
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  3. thanks everyone for your comments! just need to add a nice coffee table now & some roller blinds :-)

  4. The room is looks wonderful now. There are some changes there and they made your room awesome. Good work April and Allan.
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  5. It looks awesome ! The things been arranged properly and furniture is looking more than good. I impressed with your skill to decorate the room.


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