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Thursday, May 20, 2010

We've Been Framed!

Got a message yesterday from Allan's mum to say that our frames were going up!! Weren't expecting it so quickly - didn't even know that they had been delivered. So nice to have extra pairs of eyes keeping an eye on the build for us!

So we went out last night on the way home and had a look - it is so exciting to see the house take shape!! A bit too dark for photos though.

Went out this morning on the way to work to have another look - took some photos but was way too foggy so they are pretty dark - will get some nice piccies on the weekend and post them.

Roof trusses are there so maybe we might even have them up by the weekend!


  1. Congrats on the frame. I saw it this morning but the roof still wasnt on. Glad they are moving quickly for you.

  2. Thanks Min

    I have a feeling they will do the roof trusses straight away so that they can send me the bill!

    Thanks they are moving pretty quick & you will too hun when they get started - so sorry that they keep bumping you back is horrible to keep getting your hopes up :( I am sure that once you start you will end up overtaking us! It sucks that you have been waiting longer than most of us that have started...

    My fingers are crossed for you for tomorrow


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