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Friday, May 21, 2010

Frames Pics

Some pics of our new frames!!
Our windows & sliding doors were delivered on Friday as well :)
Hopefully this week we will get the roof trusses up & the windows installed.

Found one little mistake with the frames - the door height of the laundry door is wrong - we have increased all the doors in the house (except the wadrobe doors) to 2340mm high doors but the internal laundry door is normal height so Allan will be contacting our SS today to make sure that they have picked this up....

Looking from the driveway at the house

Looking over the garage

The front of the house

Looking from the left hand side

Steel Beam which I think is for the garage
Looking towards the road from the back corner of the house
Looking towards our neighbour from the back corner of the house
Our new windows & sliding doors!

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