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Friday, February 25, 2011

Wait For It......... Some Grass!!

Well we are slowly getting there!!

Good news is we have now laid turf in the backyard YAY!!! Originally we were going to wait until both the front & back were done before we ordered some turf, but we thought that now that the back is ready we might put the grass down so that we can see some progress :)

Since my last post we have now

* Filled the pillars with cement (and I definately don't want to be doing that again anytime soon!! What a job!)

* Put the primer & first coat on the alleyway pillars

* Got a quote for ezy clip fencing to be installed between the pillars and along the rear boundary

* 10 tonne of garden mix delivered to fill the raised garden bed & the garden beds out the back and front

* Paved the garden edges for the backyard

* Installed the irrigation in the backyard - if you draw a plan up to scale of your backyard/turf & take it up to Dural Irrigation they will work out a plan for how many sprinklers you need & where you should put them to get the best coverage, worked out really well for us.

* 15 tonne of underlay delivered so we could spread in the backyard - didnt' use all of it so have some left over to use out the front but we will have to get some more delivered to finish the front.

* Installed some more pits around the backyard to drain away water that is pooling from heavy rain and also from next door.

* Installed numbers on our letterbox

* Ordered & installed more shutter venetians for the large windows in the lounge & dining rooms

* Paved the garden edge for one of the street trees out the front

* Installed the irrigation & sprinklers in the small section out the front

* Put the underlay down in the small section out the front ready for grass

Now that the grass is down in the backyard & once the pillars are painted, we will organise for the fencing to go up. Although not having the fence up in the backyard has meant less privacy it has been so much easier getting all the garden mix & underlay where it needed to be cause we could get delivered from the block behind straight into our backyard!

We still haven't done anything inside yet which I am itching to do, can't wait until the front lawn is down and the fences are up so we can stay inside for a few weekends!!

Will make sure I keep updating regularly, have a been a bit slack lately!!

Am also working on giving the blog a bit of a freshen up so bear with me.

Garden Mix Delivered

Garden Eding Started

First coat of paint on the pillars (Colorbond Ironstone)

Numbers installed on letterbox (ordered from numbers1.com)

Levelling out the side alleyway (needed another bobcat to help with this!)

Garden edging done

Underlay down

Sprinklers installed in backyard

Getting the underlay level & compacted plus starter fertilizer

Dad doing his bit!

My auncle helping out as he does every weekend!! gotta love him!

Part of the front prepped & ready for grass + border for street tree

Grass arrives

First roll going down!

Half Way through

Ta da!!!!

It makes such a difference to get just that little bit of grass down!!

This weekend we are going to continue with the garden edging out the front and getting the sprinklers & underlay down so that we are ready for grass.

To Do List for this weekend..... not sure how much of it we will get done though....



  1. I'm exhausted just reading about all that work! Did you roll around on the grass once it was down?! lol. Looks awesome!

  2. After grass work been completed, the garden is looking amazing. Interesting "To-do" list here.
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