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Friday, January 14, 2011

A Bit Of Hard Work Never Hurt!! Much....

Well we had a hard week last week! My auncle came down from Port Macquarie to help us get some blockwork done as that is his speciality. We had a bit of a list for him, which soon changed when i contacted the council who promptly told me "ah you would need council approval to do the retaining wall that you are talking about" dammit!! so on to plan B and we ended up just doing brick pillars down the alleyway without the retaining wall as there is an easement in the back corner and we would need approval to put concrete footings over that.

Block pillars are now mostly done, we just need to fill them with concrete so we can paint them and put the fence up inbetween.

We also got our raised garden bed done in the backyard which is ready for lights, capping & then painting.

And the letterbox was finished!! so now I need to find some nice numbers to put on there.

My hands are all blistered from the digging on the weekend so don't think I will be back out there this weekend as I am only just able to move my hand properly again!! Allan and I have been like zombies, mopeing about this week after last week but it is nice to see that we are making progress!!

A big thanks to my dad and also my other auncle Tommy for lending us their backs for the last week to help get his done, it was such a big job for us getting this done in 5 days & we couldn't have done it without them.

Blinds company came out last night to give us a measure & quote, so hopefully there will be some plantation shutters in the front rooms real soon!

Raised Garden Bed, we are going to either texture paint/render this a nice dark colour

The new pillars down the alley way, we are hoping to get ezyclip fencing in between

Our new letterbox!

The tope of our new letterbox!! he did a great job with the mitred cuts :)

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  1. It's looking so great! Can't wait to see the finished product!


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