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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

And We're Off

Got a call from our construction supervisor today to introduce himself. He also said that the excavators were booked in for either Monday or Tuedsay so if it hadn't been done yesterday then it should have been done today.

We had already been out to the block last night but no work had commenced so out we went tonight on the way home from work and found that the excavators had been and we had been scraped!

Was too dark for photos but will add some on the weekend when we can get out there in the daylight.

Our construction supervisor said we should see a fair bit happen in the next week so should have some good photos to put up on the weekend!

On a side note, now that our block has been excavated we were met with a big wall of dirt on our right hand boundary as the builders next door have decided to completely level their block from the street. So when standing on our block their block height comes to just below my shoulders, which means the height of the retaining wall we originally needed on that side will probably be double the height........

We have previously been in contact with their fencing contractor and know that they are doing a retaining wall for the length of back half of the block but no mention of anything at the front.... so we will have to keep on top of them about this, although with the height of this dirt wall now it will probably mean that this retaining wall will have to be done soon rather than after handover. But luckily for us we have a great construction supervisor who will be contacting them about the schedule for the retaining wall.

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