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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


We have made a bit of progress today, managed to get my hands on the additional drawings required for the waterboard approval and have avoided paying the additional $$$ which was such a relief today. As my previous post mentions there were many calls & emails to the land developer to try and get our hands on this plan but after no response over a few weeks went to plan B and got on the phone today and starting ringing all the other companies that were noted on the original work as constructed plans - surveyors, designers & water co-ordinators. After a few really helpful phone calls success and 5 mins later the plan appeared in my inbox!! Of course an hour later I received an email from the developer with a plan - although I think it may be the wrong one as it doesn't appear to be for our block so lucky we got it through other methods...

A bit of advice for anyone else out there who is being hit with the fee for a sewer location peg out - get on the phone and try and get it yourself rather than pay someone to do it!! If your land is newly developed and recently registered then this has probably already been done so why pay someone to do it again.. May take a bit of work but the money you save could be that other upgrade that you want.

We also got our council approval paperwork today along with our construction certificate so our final loan approval will be in progress tomorrow.

Some days building a house really does feel like a full time job!


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