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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Next Steps

Well now that we have the long awaited (although not as long as some others!) council approval we are on to the next steps of the paperwork :)

Our bank would not provide unconditional finance approval for the build until we had council approval so we are now in the process of completing the paperwork for this.

We are also having a few troubles obtaining water board approval. The waterboard asked us to obtain work as constructed diagrams from our developer so that they can confirm the actual location of the sewer. They are concerned that we may be building a little too close to the sewer and may require us to do some piering to get the approval. If we were unable to obtain these diagrams we would have to pay $1,200 to Sydney Water to obtain a pegout to confirm the location. So after a number of phone calls back and forth we managed to get our hands on the WAC plans from a very helpful contact at our Developer. Success!! These were submitted to the quick check agents for the waterboard who were happy with the plans provided but have now asked for additional diagrams to confirm the sewer location. After a number of emails and messages left with our developer and no response to date we really arent' left with much choice but to order and pay for the pegout and hope that they don't request additional piering.

As our tender period ends on 31st March and final construction plans can't be ordered until we have waterboard approval it is a pain to have to pay the extra $$$ for the pegout especially when considering that we were able to get the WAC plans the first time round and the diagrams we are now chasing are pretty much just Page 2 of these docs - pretty frustrating....

We also have a tree that needs to be removed from our block so we will be doing part of this on the weekend and then organising for the stump to be removed by a contractor probably. Have been warned that this can be a pretty pricey exercise so heres to hoping we don't have to dig too deep.

On a colours note Allan's mum & sister managed to get us a little sample of our garage door yesterday! Thanks girls :) We had decided to go the Dawn colour from Steeline which is an upgrade. The colour is a nice dark wood colour but not really a wood look but all we were really after was the colour rather than just going a plain brown. Steeline kindly gave us some address of properties where they had installed the door but getting a sample to look at close up was great!

I have done a mock up of our house and how the external colours will look - not exactly the same but pretty close and gives you the idea.


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