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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

PCI Next Week!!

Ok so I have been really really slack this time in posting!! Is hard to post when you can't see a lot of what has been going on but here's a bit of the progress:

Shower screens & taps all done
Floor tiles done
Electrical done
Driveway poured
House cleaned
Port-A-Loo gone
Site fence removed

Carpet is due to go down in the next couple of days as well as the silicone sealing to the wet areas.

We have hit a couple of snags in the last few weeks with the driveway but looks like they are all sorted now. The crossover on our driveway wasn't actually wide enough for council requirements so it has had to be extended which really works out better for us. Today i got the bad news that our pavers have now been discontinued!! these are the 2nd round of pavers that have been discontinued so it is a bit frustrating! We have nailed down our last choice now so hopefully they can be ordered and the driveway can be finished before PCI.

I stopped by the house today with a few paver samples to have another look and decide which colour & our lovely site supervisor was there checking on things & offered to open for me so I could have a peek. Inside looks so good! It is great to see how it has all come together and that all of our colour choices worked.

So carpet this week & silicone sealing, Tyrells are also meant to go through shortly to do their inspection. We have PCI sometime next week & then they will be onto any patching and repairs that are required and once that is done we will be able to book in settlement!! It is hard to believe that it is finally here!!!

Driveway Poured

Kitchen done with floor tiles

Living Room done

Shower Screens & taps done

Original Paver choice - now discontinued

2nd paver choice - now discontinued

3rd & final paver choice

We have also done a bit of shopping lately and bought our lovely new big bed & new fridge. As for any other lounges & stuff I am going to wait till we are in there to see how the spaces work before I buy anything else.

Well I hope everyone's builds are progressing well & I will make sure I get some better photos next week when we do PCI.

All going as planned looks like we should be right for handover end of October/Early November on schedule!


  1. HI April!!! Yay that is s exciting for you two!! :). I wrote on your facebook wall the other day as I thought you dissapeared! Your house looks amazing! You should be soo proud!! I walked up the other day and had a look! Awesome!! :) good luck for pci this week! Looks like it won't be long until we are kinda neighbours!! :) xo - Mel

  2. Hi Mel! got ur facebook msg & sent you one back, have not been updating the blog much lately have I!! We are so happy with how the house has been finished :) seems kinda surreal now that the end is nearly here!! can't wait to have our PCI, hopefully this rain holds off a bit so the driveway can get done. Fingers crossed we are your kinda neighbours in about 3 or so weeks! hope you guys are settling in well!! april xxoo

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