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Monday, October 25, 2010

PCI Done!

Just as the title reads PCI done today!!

Took just under 4 hours today and I am happy to report that items noted are just minor expected things like

- paintwork
- bricks repointing and replacing chipped bricks, reclean bricks
- driveway - grate/drain to be fixed
- Pavers - edging & relay a couple of pavers
- Cracked tile in bathroom + grout to shower taps
- Dishwasher tap & leaking tap in fridge space
- Light bulbs to be replaced
- 1 power point to be replaced with a double

All in all a few bits of blue tape went up for items to be addressed but nothing that we are upset about.

Our site supervisor as usual was great, took his time and was very patient with us & explained the faults we picked up and how they would be fixed. Anyone who gets our supervisor for their build will be lucky and definately in good hands.

Tyrells are due to go through tomorrow to do their inspection & from there all items can start to be finalised.

We are hoping to be able to get the keys in the next few weeks!!

Some pics from the PCI today.

Oh and congratulations today to Eden Brae who won the 2010 HIA CSR NSW Housing Award - Major Professional Builder! Thats 4 times they have won since 2006 - well done EBH!


  1. Wow wow wow!!! Love it!! I invite myself over for a cup!! It looks great guys congrats!! Xo

  2. It's looking so great! You must be thrilled!

  3. hi april and allan, im just wondering.. is ur ss steve ryan? he's an excellent SS! :)

  4. Hi Olga, our SS wasn't Steve, but he sounds fabulous!! makes it so much easier when you have a great SS.

    How did the move go? hope you are settling into your beautiful new home, looking forward to some pics :)

  5. hi april! we moved last saturday, it's all good.. i have been busy decorating the house.. our furnitures were delivered 3 days after the move so all i have to do is organize them in to their proper rooms! :)) i have been slack posting on my blog, although i've started my maternity already.. i'm still battling with pregnancy complications, organizing the house is keeping me occupied so i won't feel so depressed about my condition.. :'(


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