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Monday, August 16, 2010

Garage Pics

Ok so the garage doors are on, the second last piece in the colour puzzle! & I have to say that I am in love with these doors, they are exactly how I hoped they would look. Although for Allan the jury is still out - he is not 100% sold on the colour & thinks that they look a bit too red.

This week we are hoping to see some tiles laid!!

Hope everyone's builds are progressing no matter what stage you are at!!


  1. OOHH LAAA LAA! Lovely guys! :) I love the garage doors April, and they don't look red! Suits your colour scheme to a tee! :)

    We don't have garage doors yet, so you beat us with something! Yay for you! xo

  2. YAY!! Thanks Mel, I was so excited to see them in the daylight on the weekend!! the colour scheme is finally all coming together :) wow we finally beat you on something!! aaah if only we were as far ahead in everything else!

  3. agree on the colour april!! love that too.. i picked the same colour for the garage doors and the entry door :)


  4. Good choice Olga!! I think we have the same style!! you almost had the same bricks too didn't you!! Great minds think alike - can't wait to see pics of your internals :)


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