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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Nice Progress

Some nice progress this week!

Bricks should be finished in the next week to 10 days and then the bricks will be cleaned and the first electrical fit out will happen.

We are loving the colours & are happy see they are coming together like we hoped. Next test will be the garage doors, fingers crossed the colour scheme all ties in!


  1. Wow! it's going pretty quick hey!

  2. it sure is Olga!! we went by last night & a fair bit of work was done yesterday too so we are really happy so far :)

    The bricks looks fantastic am so happy with our choice!! They would have looked nice on your house as well but I think the moroka is a perfect choice!

  3. so excited to find your blog, we plan to build this up in Newcastle but we are waiting on curb and guttering to our street.Did you find any unexpected additional costs after signing up? Any advise for those about to start this journey? It looks great so far : )

  4. i hope eb will be as quick when they start doing ours.. :) i just love looking at the progress of your house, makes me trust eb more.. :)

    have you's thought about landscape yet april? i have tried getting a quote, got a call from 3 different companies for tender. all 3 told me they'll send me a quote but none did..maybe because they found out we're not gonna be ready till feb/march next year... =D

  5. Hi taktaz
    congratulations!! what an exciting time for you :)
    The only unexpected costs that we had were changes for council approval due to some restrictions on our land.

    There were of course other costs for things like site costs & all the upgrades that we chose but we had done a fair amount of research for costings prior to putting our deposit down so the additional costs weren't really unexpected i spose.

    I am not sure what the best advice would be for you!! Do your research is probably the best thing that we did so there weren't really a lot of suprises (so far!) & our expectations were realistic.

    Good luck with your build, I hope you see the kerb & guttering in your street soon.

    Am happy to answer any questions you have if it helps!


  6. Hi Olga

    You will be suprised how fast the slab & frame are up!! Can't wait to see some pics on your blog :)

    We have thought a little about the landscaping (well only a little on my part - ALOT on allan's part!) We will be doing most of it ourselves as luckily allan is pretty handy in the garden. We have a few retaining walls to go up as well as the fencing so depending on the $$$ left after that we will work out how much of the landscaping to do straight away. Way too much money to even think about right now!!

    Someone should still be able to give you a quote for the landscaping - a rough one at least for your finance.

    2 days till your site start appointment!!


  7. Wow!!! Impressive!! They work pretty quickly and pretty good too!

    We're trying to save up for the landscape that's why we wanna have the quote soon... I'm hoping we won't need to take another loan... The problem is nobody seem to take us seriously at this stage, 3 landscapers didn't get back to me since I contacted them.. They think it's way too far from now

  8. It's happening so fast!!

    It looks great April! Can't wait to have the grand tour in November! :)



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