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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bricks Done + Eaves In

So this week has seen the bricks finished off & awaiting cleaning + the eaves have gone in. I think that the first electrical fitout also looks to be done so some nice progress for the week. Hopefully next week we can post some photos of the cleaned bricks.

Eaves Done

Brick Pillars on the laneway done

Side profile of the house

From the street

Electrical box


  1. wot?? you already have eaves!!? that's going really really fast guys.... is that how efficient they are now these days?? i'm quite impressed, and excited for your guys.. :)

  2. yay eaves already! thankyou we were pretty excited too!! rain probably hasnt helped any progress this week but 2 days left this week so hoping to see our bricks get cleaned :)


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