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Friday, June 4, 2010

Bank Sorted

Finally after another week of chasing the bank and waiting we have now sorted the invoice & FHOG issues!! HURRAY!

Have been in contact with the bank everyday to see if the payment has been made to which I get the standard response "we are still awaiting approval/funds from the OSR - ring back at this time tomorrow for an update".

Well got in this morning, logged onto our banking and to my suprise found that construction funds have been drawn down & that the full grant had been approved :)

Was getting a bit worried that we might need to apply for an extension to get the extra $10,000 as although construction started on 03/05/10 the slab wasn't complete until 11/05/10 AND our 26 week deadline ended on 10/05/10!!

But as usual worrying for nothing, grant has been paid, both the slab & frames invoices have been paid to the builder and I can now enjoy the weekend :)

If only the darn rain would stop....


  1. Hi April,

    Quick question, when did you sign contracts with EB? Was it in september or after then? We have just realised that we may need to apply for the 26 week extention ( didn't know really about the 26 weeks) and were wondering when you started? Do you think they include the Christmas Holidays? We signed on the 29th of Sep and start 29th April so a few weeks after the 26 week period. We went through a broker which have been less than helpful of late. Anyway longer story CBa have not paid of progress payements i think this may be why, so just asking if you have any idea about the 26week period thingy.. and how you knew your date was up! :) ( Sorry for the essay! )

    Cheers Mel xo

  2. Hey Mel

    We signed the contract with EB on 10th November & I just worked it out counting 26 weeks from the actual contract date - as far as I know you just count 26 weeks regardless of christmas etc.

    It is only for the additional payments that there is a time restriction. You get the first $7,000 just for being a 1st home buyer & then the extra $7,000/$14,000 + $3,000 are the ones that have the requirement that your build starts within 26 weeks of the contract date.

    So have they not paid your progress payments yet? Doesn't sound like you have been getting much help from your broker - I would probably get onto the bank straight away cause if they are taking the grant as your contribution towards the first progress payment & they haven't paid it then this may be the hold up.

    I know from the Homeone Forum a lot of people say that you have to have applied first & been given a application number before you can request an extension.

    So definately get on the phone to your bank, our grant application was wrong & sat there for I don't know how many months until we rang to complain that our progress payment hadn't been made & they decided to tell us that we needed to refill out the application. No-one contacted us first to let us know that it needed to be done.

    Good luck - i think that there are some tips on the Homeone forum for the actual letter to write in.

    xxoo April

  3. Hi April and Allan,
    First of let me congratulate you on your exquisite taste in selecting to build a Saville 27. Things are looking really good at your site and you really went all out.... 3rd garage??? wow good for you. I'm sure it'll be stunning at completion
    I was hoping to have a couple of words to you over the phone..Do you think this is possible? I believe we may be able to help each other now that we are both at construction stage. My email address is:
    ninita115@hotmail.com if you would like to send me yours or your ph# in an email that would be great.
    Gee you really know how to manage this blogging system.. i am hopless :)
    hope to hear from you soon April


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