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Sunday, May 30, 2010

We have Taps!

Went past yesterday to check out the house and found that the plumbing has been done!

Also the scaffolding is up ready for the roof tiles to be done - now we just need the tiles :)

Hoping to have the roof tiles started this week, and then we will have a few weeks wait for brickies.

Finally remembered to buy some gumboots this week - there is so much dirt & clay makes it so much easier to walk around with gumboots :)

BTW - Gutters are 'monument'in case anyone is wondering.

Front of the House

Back of the House

Gutters Done

Scaffolding Up


  1. Awesome April, now we just need to rain to go away!! Seriously! Rain as much as you want once we have bricks and a roof! :)

    I think I saw you and your partner on Saturday afternoon. We you in a green ute? :) You were pulling up as I drove past. ( Blue corolla) :) Next time I'll say hi! :)

    Mel xo

  2. Hiya Mel!!

    Yes please make the rain go away! Looks like the sun might manage to get out today :)

    Just got a msg from Al's mum to say that our bricks are there!

    Yep that was us in the green ute :) didn't see you in the corolla, but will keep my eyes peeled next time! We are usually there in the ute or a black 4wd, make sure you say hi if you see us!

    Looks like we are pretty much keeping at the same pace! whenever I go to our place and see something done I look over to your place and see them same!

    Hope it keeps going well :)


  3. Nice looking roof April! I noticed them working on your yesterday and then most of ours where done today! Yay for your bricks!! Fingers crossed brickies don't take too long xo

  4. Thanks Mel!

    It is starting to look more & more like a house :)
    Went out on Wednesday nite to have a peek & tried to see out to your place in the dark but couldn't make much out! Glad to hear your roof has gone up - will check it out when I head out there on the weekend. At least there will be a bit of protection from the weather.

    Edit to my last comment - no bricks :( al's mum got confused - it was the tiles that were delivered!

    Hoping to see the bricks arrived in the next week or so.

    Glad to see we are still pretty much going up stage for stage!!

    wish this miserable rain would stop so they could finish the roof!


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