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Monday, May 24, 2010


Allan spoke to our site supervisor this morning about the height of the laundry door which he is going to look at today and get sorted.

He also said that he is going to tell the tradies to clean up as there is mess everywhere!

He said that roof trusses should get done this week & that he has ordered our roof tiles which should arrive next week.

Also said that they are having pretty big delays with getting brickies at the moment & that we should expect 2-3 weeks delay once the roof tiles are up before the brickies can actually be on-site.

Seems this is a bit of a problem all round, same is happening with another EB build Adam & Kate they have been waiting for 3 weeks already! Hope they get some brickies there soon!


  1. Glad you noticed and they are fixing the laundry problem! Good spotting! :)

    I hope you don't have to wait too long for your bricks.

    Cheers Mel xo

  2. Lack of brickies seem to be a common problem for Clarendon too at the moment. There are 2 C's in our street now waiting for 4 weeks for bricks and another 3 C's in our street at frame or about to be framed.
    Sounds like your SS is on the ball which is great. I wonder if it is the same one looking after the EB's in my street. My neighbour is very happy with him and his Saville has gone up super fast.

  3. Hi Mel,

    Glad we spotted it too, actually spotted another error on Tuesday - one of the bulkheads is way too low so have sent off another request for this to be corrected!

    I can't wait for the bricks either so we can start seeing the colours take shape :)

    Hi Min
    Seems like it may be a bit of a problem in general, although there are some units going up near my office & there are brickies there everyday!! Maybe should steal them away to help the rest of us!

    So far SS has been pretty good, is a really nice guy and seems to be co-ordinating everything really smoothly, fingers crossed it keeps going that way :)



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