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Thursday, May 27, 2010


Well we got our frames invoice yesterday.... but our slab invoice has still not been paid by our bank!!!

Rang them again yesterday after a few messages left went unreturned and it turns out that our file has been reasssigned as the person who was looking after our file is no longer with them - but before this person left they did nothing with our file!! They didn't even process our FHOG Grrrrrr. Not very happy at all.

So it turns out that our file was reassigned this week and is now being processed - although they have had the slab invoice for almost 10 DAYS now!!

We also have to our FHOG application as there was something missed on the first one so we have been rushing around redoing this to send off today.

Hoping payment is made next Tuesdasy/Wednesday - I am off to send an email to the builder telling them what has happened and when they can expect payment.

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