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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Plumbing In

Things are still powering ahead. Dad went out to the block yesterday to get some photos in the daylight for us and found that the reinforcing steel had been delivered. In between then and when we went past on the way home from work the plumbing had been done!

It is so exciting to go past and see changes on a daily basis, we have to prepare ourselves for the when the brakes are put on in the coming weeks in between frames, roof, bricks etc.

This pic shows our block from the street

This photo is looking towards the street from the back of our block
On the left of the formwork is a little bit of our little backyard.

This photo is on the back of the house where the drop edge beam will go

Again the drop edge beam but looking to the street

This where the split level starts

This looking at our block from the street with the pathway on the left
The edge of the concrete on the left is our boundary and where the brick pillars will go for the open style pergola

The Reinforcement that was delivered
If you look at the dirt wall behind the steel, where you can see the 'red dirt' (about halfway) is actually the natural ground level, but as next door have filled their block, the retaining wall needed is going to be a lot higher now.

This is standing at the front of the house looking across the block towards the pathway

And of Course the plumbing that was in last night

So hopefully waffle pods have been delivered today! & maybe a slab early next week.

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