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Friday, April 16, 2010

Here Peggy Peggy Peggy!

Well we had our Site Start Appointment today and now have our stamped construction plans!! Our peg out has been ordered and we should have pegs within the week.

Next steps are the ordering of all our materials and tradesman and then once the ordering is complete we will be released to construction.

We are hoping for a quick start once our file is released (fingers crossed) and it seems that as Eden Brae are so active in our area that this is exactly what should happen as they don't need to organise tradies to go out of area they can just go from one job to the next a couple of streets away. Fingers crossed...

We also went out to PGH to select our new paver and ended up picking another paver that is a similar colour but unfortunately is not the same style of finish.

This is the original colour we had picked - Black & Tan

and this is the new paver we have picked - Classic Brown

The new colour is ok but really there was not much to choose from. Even the Classic Brown that we have picked has actually been discontinued as well but as long as it is ordered in the next few weeks we should be ok as they still have a fair few in stock.

We also took a drive out to Oran Park today to have a look at the new display homes that have been built. There is a Saville 27 out there which is flipped to the same side that we are so was good to have a look at the different layout. Also, I loved the colours used in this house (loved the internal colours - the external ones were nothing to write home about!) they were more in line with what we have chosen only wish that I could have all of the furniture that they had in there!!

So hopefully next post should be with some photos of our land with pegs!

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