welcome to our blog! we are first time builders and home owners trying to make our new house into a home that we love! we are keen diy'ers that are trying to do what we can on our own and on budget...... be sure to leave us a comment, we would love to hear from you!! april & allan

Friday, March 5, 2010

Our Saville 27

Welcome to our blog!

We are first home buyers who have decided to build an Eden Brae Saville 27 in Kellyville Ridge.

Our journey started in September 2009 and has been a quick but also a long process up until today:

20/09/2009 Deposit paid on land
25/09/2009 Deposit paid to Eden Brae
19/10/2009 Tender appointment with Eden Brae
23/10/2009 Tender accepted
29/10/2009 Contracts exchanged on our land
10/11/2009 Contract with Eden Brae exchanged
16/11/2009 Passed BASIX certificate
26/11/2009 DA submitted to Blacktown Council
27/11/2009 Colours appointment
03/12/2009 Tiles & Electrical appointment
23/12/2009 Council requested changes to our plans
07/01/2010 Settled on our block of dirt
22/02/2010 Submitted amended plans to council
05/03/2010 Council approval!

As you can see the intial process went really quickly and smoothly but the last few months have been a bit of a waiting game with some of the changes that had to be made to our plans due to some restrictions on our land.

We have made a few changes to our plans but mainly things that we can't do later on. We have added a third garage, 2.9m ceilings throughout, split level to the rear of the house and also changed the layout of the main bathroom so that it is no longer a separate toilet.

And today we finally got Council Approval!!

Here are some pics.

Our Block Of Dirt

Our Bricks
Haberfield (same as display home @ the ponds)

Our Tiles
We will be having these throughout the house including the bathrooms in the 40x40cm.

Our Carpet & Tiles
After debating between the 2 different carpets we have chosen the one on the left which is in the standard range.

Our Bathrooms
We are having white tiles with the pebbles running vertically down the wall through the niche & also on the bathroom floor infront of the showers. The colour of our vanitys is a bit of a wood look with a light benchtop. The bottom of the picture shows our floor tile which is a bit more like the actual colour than the photo above.

Our Kitchen
This is the splashback we have gone for in the kitchen and the kitchen colours are similar to the photo below.

Well I should probably finish there I think that is long enough for the first post but we hope that this blogs helps you in some way with your build!

Until the next post...


  1. Hi - came across your blog while writing my own blog - http://strawsticksandbricks.blogspot.com/
    My partner and I are looking into building an Eden Brae home too!! Its really interesting to read about other's expereinces. We are only just starting the whole process now in an area not too far from Kellyville, so my head is filled with design ideas more than anything at the moment! Good luck with your home!

  2. Hi there enjoying reading these blogs! Building with Eden brae hopefully November start.... Just wondering , was there alot of goOd stuff in the standard range or did u find yourself upgrading alot?? Home options gallery on the 16th and I'm getting nervous! Lol Thanks!


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